Short Boot with punched patent leather detail Marilyn


در صورت خرید این محصول 260 امتیاز دریافت کرده و در خرید های بعدی تخفیف بگیرید.
در صورت خرید این محصول 260 امتیاز دریافت کرده و در خرید های بعدی تخفیف بگیرید.
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The elegance of classic equestrian style beautifully conceived with a modern appeal, a tribute to class and sophistication, Tucci Time Marilyn collection is timeless as true style endures. Tucci Time Marilyn short boots stitched details are made with 2 different materials, tone-on-tone leather or patent leather and it is available with or without punched edges for a total of 4 paddock boot versions available.


Leather selected from certified farms of Italy and France, treated to enhance the natural beauty through softening procedures, it guarantees freedom of movementextreme wear resistance and superior durability at the same time, high absorbency and breathability, antischock, antibacterial insole for ultimate comfort.


Tucci Time Marylin paddock boots have elastic twin gore to allow easy entry and a zip closure for quick on/off, it ensures maximum comfort and encourages a correct heels-down position. The featherweight sole with aggressive profile favor a secure, yet comfortable, grip to the stirrup. The half chap snap-concept feature is the most innovative and attach-system ever conceived and guarantees a secure closure. Classic elastic guide also available upon request

Every part is assembled in Italy by skilled artisans working at Franco Tucci.

International Foot Size Chart

35 3 3,5 5
36 4 4,5 6
37 4,5 5 6,5
38 5,5 6 7,5
39 6 6,5 8
40 6,5 7,5 9
41 7 8 9,5
42 8 9 10
43 9 10 10,5
44 9,5 10,5
45 10,5 11,5
46 11

LEATHER – Tucci Time products are manufactured with Italian genuine leather,

tanned with the best techniques to guarantee, selected for their flawless appearance and amazing quality, treated to offer durability and beauty for a unique result.

EXTRA SOFT – This type of leather offers absolute freedom of movement for those who prefer to have maximum contact with the horse and a glove-like feeling while riding. It is available an all Tucci Time product, exclusively in the black shade, just by selecting the option in the dedicated drop-down menu.

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